I do like the gentle buzzing of bees and there have been a reasonable number visiting the garden of late. I have tried to identify the different species, but unfortunately the majority do not stay still long enough for me to get a good look.  It has also been noticeable that they vary significantly in size, with some of the bees being reasonably large.

The bees are currently enjoying the flowering raspberry canes, Alliums, Lavender, Heleniums, Echinacea, Knautia and Monarda.  They appear to be staying well clear of the Persicari this year, but that said it has received great interest from a number of wasps.

As the night starts to draw in, the larger variety of the bees seem to find a rest in the garden for the night. Their favourite place tends to be clinging to underneath the allium heads upside down. I have got this species down to be the cuckoo bee, but I couldn’t tell you any more than that.