A mixed bag in the kitchen garden.

What fantastic weather we have had over the past few days, especially over the weekend when I was able to get out into the garden and catch up on some jobs.

Now that the majority of the weeding in the garden borders has been caught up they will in the main look after themselves for the rest of the year. We have lost one or two plants over the winter period, but I suppose this opens up some space for new plants when visiting the shows this year.

The bulk of the work that needed to be done was in the kitchen garden.  The peas and the mangetout that were originally sown into pots and planted out a couple of weeks ago needed to be tied into their frames to help get them climbing. Once done I put some protective netting over the frame to protect them from the birds. I know from experience that sparrows in particular like to nibble at fresh peas shoots. The courgettes were also planted out as were the baby corn plants. It was probably a little too earlier for the latter, but I was feeling brave with the weather and I am giving them protection of a cloche on a night. I also managed to find time to sown some swede, turnips, beetroot and beet direct into the soil. So far this year I have not had much luck, one minute they are growing away fine the next demolished by slugs. Just in case, I have also sown some seed into individual plugs, not sure if it will work, but worth a shot. I also managed to get a wigwam structure in place for when the climbing beans are planted out.

Meanwhile in the greenhouse, the tomatoes, cucumber, climbing beans and peppers are coming on a treat. But all is not rosy as for the first time I am fighting against the aphids. Hopefully by keeping the plants under observation and regular squishing they are now starting to get under control.

Elsewhere in the plot, the autumn raspberries are starting to bulk up and the blueberries are showing promise of a good crop. Whilst the onions that were planted in autumn are starting to swell,  unfortunately the garlic appears to be showing signs of rust, which isn’t great news.

All in all a mixed bag of good and bad, that said perseverance generally pays off and it won’t be too long before the taste of some success.